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Providing the highest quality of healthy products directly from Palestine to Malaysia and east asia .

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What we do at HLT?

HLTplus seeks to promote Palestinian products in Malaysia. We source our products from the Palestinian occupied territories and are continually increasing the product range. We experience excellent demand and support from the public who recognise the importance of supporting Palestinian farmers to market their high quality goods at fair prices. Palestinian farmers often face difficulties; even when they are able to pick their crops, they do not get good prices for their produce due to the limited market available to them. HLTplus offers an avenue for farmers and producers to successfully market their goods outside the Palestinian territories.

Just arrived (August 2020)

Palestinian Medjoul dates grade A

we brought Palestine’s price and quality to you in Malaysia and east asia countries .. contact us now!

Products List

our growing list of premium products are coming directly from Palestine and middle east to our clients in Malaysia and East Asia. 

01  Medjoul dates

Medjoul dates are a large, plump variety with a soft and succulent texture that became known as the ‘Fruit of Kings’ centuries ago, reserved only for royalty and their guests. They are very sweet and rich that they were prized above all other dates.

02  zaatar

Za’atar as a prepared condiment is generally made with ground dried thyme, oregano, marjoram, or some combination thereof, mixed with toasted sesame seeds, and salt, though other spices such as sumac might also be added.

03  olive oil

Palestinian olive oil is known around the world for its distinct taste and flavour. The overall quality and taste of Palestinian olive oil is affected by many factors, including the type of the tree, the region and climate, caring methods, handling methods, and the level of ripeness of the olives.

04  freekeh

Freekeh is made from roasted durum wheat that’s been harvested while the grains are still young and green. The grains are polished (freekeh is a colloquialization of farik, which means “rubbed” in Arabic) and sold whole as well as cracked into smaller pieces.

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Offering premium products directly from Palestine the holy land